22 October 2011


Name: Guilmon
From: Digimon
Designer: POdragon
Pages: 7 (8 including page with alternative feet)
Pieces: 72 (82 including page with alternative feet)
Difficulty: 4/10
Enjoyability: 9/10 
Design quality: 8/10
Type of file: PDO/PDF
Instructions: PDO
Suggested paper: 120gsm
Height: 22cm
Width: 16.5cm
Depth: 21.5cm
Download: Here

This was an enjoyable model to build that actually turned out to be taller than I had expected. I suggest (in contrary with what I did) that you use the smooth papercraft technique when building this model. That should improve the overall appearance of the finished model. Personally, the only problem I have with the design of this model is the fact that the head, body, arms, tail, legs and feet are all separate pieces that have to be attached to one another. This takes a bit of quality away of the finished model, since it does not look like one complete "solid" model (especially at the neck). The advantage of this, however, is the fact that you can build the model with a more "personalized pose".  

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