02 January 2011

Pepakura Dragon

Name: Pepakura Dragon
From: Pepakura Designer/Viewer Mascot
Designer: Unknown (Tamasoft?)
Pages: 6
Pieces: 24
Difficulty: 3/10
Enjoyability: 7/10
Design quality: 5/10
Type of file: PDF
Instructions: PDF
Suggested paper: 120gsm
Height: 15cm
Width: 9.5cm
Depth: 11cm
Download: Here

GotMiley2 created a template for the green Pepakura Dragon that you see when you start Pepakura Viewer. The template can be downloaded here.

Most  of the information that you need are included in the instructions. Unfortunately this model wasn’t unfolded very well (especially the feet). There are also some important tabs missing that you need to make provision for when you cut out the pieces in order to assemble it successfully (refer to the instructions for help in this regard). Another disappointing thing about the design is that there are “missing parts”. This causes openings at the bottom of the body, the bottom of the feet, the tip of the tail and the tip of the horns. There is an advantage to this though – it makes the model easier to assemble. I would advise you to cut out the wings and the arms so that there are no white edges around them, since that will just improve the whole appearance of the model.


  1. Does anyone have the .pdo of this? I'm really looking for it if anyone has could you mail it to me: ccpapercrafts@hotmail.nl

    1. Please, mail me to: cairo.eu@gmail.com


  2. Where are the instructions for Pepakura Dragon please. I keep getting sent in circles when i click on the links.